We are extremely happy to finally launch our brand new product The SweetHearts Volumiser. After a whole year of developing and trying to create the perfect hot tool, we are excited to bring to you the ultimate hot tool for beautiful volume and texture!

Our SweetHearts Volumiser is unlike any hot tool you’ve used before. We have designed this to give tiny, barely visible, waves in the hair. The finished look gives hair an unrivalled volume for styling which, as you can see from our videos below, is completely different from your run-of-the-mill volumiser.

It is perfect for adding the hair volume needed to create those awesome styles you’ve seen but just can’t recreate!

It has so many uses and we are finding more and more each day as we use our Volumiser! You can use our Volumiser as an all over tool to create 3x the volume and create luscious thick hair like you’ve never seen before. You can also use the Volumiser as a root lifter, by volumising your roots and leaving a layer of hair on top to cover the subtle waves. It also works amazing to make curls look thicker and last longer. As a wedding stylist, Beth wouldn’t leave the house without her Volumiser as it is a MUST HAVE as a hair stylist.

Below are some videos of how you can use the Volumiser, However we have a lot more videos on our Facebook page


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