Unicorn Headband

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The Sweethearts Hair Unicorn Headband

Channel Your Inner Unicorn With Our Brand New Unicorn Headband!

It’s time to release the unicorns! This unicorn headband is a guaranteed favourite with your little ones (and also possibly grown ups….it was certainly a hit in the Sweethearts office!) our Unicorn Headband comes with a white headband, and either a choice of a silver or pink unicorn horn, with light pink ears and rainbow fur to add the finishing touches to this amazing product that is guaranteed to leave a smile on your little ones face. The unicorn headband is a great tool to help you or your child’s hair away from the face and eyes. This accessory is worn in your hair in order to keep your hair grouped together and keep your ponytail together whilst offering a fun twist to your bog standard headband.

The headband comes in either a pink or silver horn colour as seen in the product pictures above and the choice is completely yours as to which one you purchase from Sweethearts Hair Design but one thing that we can guarantee is that you or your child will absolutely the unicorn headband when you receive it!

Here at Sweethearts Hair we only want to provide our customers with the finest hair design products on the market and we make sure that will every customer that buys our products are given the finest customer service possible! We have over 4000 5 star reviews on our company Facebook page from customers just like yourselves who have tried and tested our products and were left dazzled by our high quality so order your unicorn headband from Sweethearts Hair Design today!

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