SweetHearts Hair Detangler

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Sweethearts Hair Detangler Spray

Get Your Sweethearts Hair Detangler Spray From Sweethearts Hair Design Today!

The SweetHearts Hair Detangler Spray has been created by Beth Belshaw alongside Denise McGowan of Evanji to make a Detangler that is soft enough to be used daily, yet leave hair feeling light and shiny. It is made from ethically sourced ingredients and is free from synthetic chemicals & parabens which makes it the best hair detangler product on the market. Are you tired of having to deal with the pain of brushing through knotted and frizzy hair? We have carefully worked to make sure that our Sweethearts Detangler Spray produces the best result for your hair!

When we came up with the idea for the product we were sick of all the problems that come with brushing your hair in order to make your hair look radiant so we wanted to make a product that we change the hair design market with a product that allows you to style your hair in any way you want to. Imagine a world, where you can go from messy to straight hair in just a few strokes of a hairbrush in seconds, well we have brought that reality to the market with our industry first hair detangler spray that leaves your hair looking radiant as ever.

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Our spray is very easy and safe to avoid any complications with the use of the hair detangler spray, to help you detangle your messy hair in only a few brushes with no pain or mess at all. You can get your Sweethearts Hair Design Hair Detangler Spray today for just £5.75 today!

Here’s a quick video showing exactly why our SweetHearts Detangler will make your mornings a whole lot easier and how to use the hair detangler spray in this easy video hair design tutorial!

For more hair tutorials click the link here!


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