Looped Hair Tool

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Looped Hair Tool

Looped Hair Tool / Ponytailing Tool From Sweethearts Hair

SweetHearts stock a fantastic looped hair tool that helps you to create a huge range of different and creative hairstyles with this simple tool. This ponytailing tool is quick and easy to use. So that you can create elegant hairstyles that you love in absolutely no time! It can be used for all hair types, no matter how thick or long, you can still make fantastic hairstyles effortlessly.

This tool is a must have for your home or salon as it makes organising and styling hair easier than ever. It allows you to collect your hair altogether, making it painless and hassle free; So if you’re a hair stylist looking for a tool that will make a huge difference. Then the looped hair tool is exactly what you need.

Designed for making perfect ponytails that keep your family’s or customer’s hair looking amazing! Alternatively, if you’re looking for a fun, gift for someone you know. We have the perfect solution as this tool can be used in so many different ways that the possibilities really are endless! We have received over 4 thousand positive reviews on our Sweethearts Hair company Facebook page, from our much loved customers. Who have bought our tried and tested products and have seen the same benefits as we promised them!


Also take a look at our large portfolio of tutorials as well so that you can learn how to style your hair in a number of fun and abstract ways!


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