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Hair & Body Glitter

Hair and Body Glitter From Sweethearts Hair Design are here!

Here at Sweethearts Hair Design, we have finally managed to get our hands on some outstanding quality cosmetic hair and body glitter that you can use for yourself in order to make your festival look on fleek! The hair and body glitter come in 4 colours and these are Red, Cobalt Blue, Violet, and Silver and most importantly they look incredible for getting your festival game on point! The glitter can easily be applied to the skin with any of the following: Vaseline, Suncream, Aloe Vera or Lip Gloss so you avoid any pain or irritation from our Body Glitter! You can also apply the hair glitter to your hair simply using either wax, gel or putty in order to make stay on your hair but without damaging your hair either!

Our amazing hair and body glitter set are perfect for you to add something different to your look and leave your hair sparkling during festival season! Here at Sweethearts Hair Design we only aim to offer you the finest products from our online store. We have more than over 4000 5 star reviews on our Facebook page from our fabulous customers who were left delighted with the product that they received from us! We’re all about bringing our customers the finest customer service in the industry when it comes to hair design products and no matter how the big the order the customer care never changes!

So if you’re looking for that little something extra for your holidays or festivals this summer then our hair and body glitter is the perfect solution in order to glam up your holidays and festivals this year with Sweethearts Hair Design! You’d be a fool to miss out on this limited time offer so get your hair and body glitter with us today!

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