The Most Awesome Aussie Hairstyles For Australia Day

G’Hair Day Mate!

It’s Australia Day! And we’re celebrating all things Aussie. January 26th marks an important day in the Australian diary. But Australian or not, we can all raise a glass to acknowledge the contributions of this great nation on their official day. There’s no shortage of Australian talent around the world and we would like to pay homage to some of our favourite stylists of that heritage.


Shelley From Pretty Little Braids

We couldn’t kick off Australia Day without a mention for Pretty Little Braids. This popular Australian stylist has been in the braid game since 2014 and creates wonderful designs on her little girl every day before school. In an article for ‘Bored Panda’ she writes;

I found accounts that were solely set up to show hairstyles that mums had created on their daughters. I loved what I saw and it was then that I started my own Facebook and Instagram braiding accounts.

We also asked Shelley what inspires her and she told us;

Amazing things happen when you do something you love. 


Pretty Little Braids

Christina From Hair Romance

We love how Christina takes the hottest hair trends from the catwalk and breaks them down into easy-to-follow hair tutorials you’ll want to watch again and again. She states on her website;

I believe your hair is your best accessory. You wear your hair every day, and you should have fun with your hair.

We also asked Christina for an inspirational quote and she told us;

Be the kind of person you want to meet. 


Hair Romance

Braids By Brianna

This Australian braiding prodigy is only 14 years old. Yet to date she has amassed over 12,000 followers.  Using her mum as her model and the beautiful backdrop of her pool; she creates intricate hairstyles with skills that stretch far beyond her years. Another great example of Australia Day talent. She states on her website;

I am a self-taught braider and absolutely love everything about it and how creative you can be with braiding!

We asked Brianna what she would say to people who aspired to achieve success and she told us;

Believe you can and you’re really already halfway there. 

The Good Hair Day

Ulyana Aster

The jaw-dropping hairstyles from Ulyana Aster are truly one of Australia’s strongest exports! The one to watch if you have a wedding coming up and a Pinterest page that will keep you looking for hours. On her site she proudly states;

As a hair stylist, I pride myself on the quality and sophistication of my work, and have worked very hard to make sure all of my products represent that very same sophistication and excellence for my customers.

Ulyana also tells us that;

Practice makes perfect!


Sharon Blain

Sharon Blain is one of the absolute best hairdressers and educators in the world today. Certainly the most seasoned stylist of our list; her creations are certainly in a league of their own. She is an inspiration to many students and hair professionals alike. Sharon tells us;

There is no job more inspiring than to be an educator. The role is challenging to say the least but definitely extremely rewarding. The challenge for me is to be always on top of the game. Coming up with seasonal looks that will continually inspire the industry and students. Thus creating a desire to attend my classes, to grow there skills and in turn develop greater self confidence.

I accept my role at educator with passion and a love of the craft. Educators must be industry leaders, be skilfull, respect the students learning outcome but most importantly to ‘over deliver’ great content and simple techniques.

Sharon’s eminent launch of her new online learning portal, Stylist Worldwide will give everyone the opportunity to learn her styling technique and join her journey. Her new website is coming soon. You can register your interest at

Sharon Blain

We hope you’re having a fantastic Australia Day, whatever you might be doing in whichever part of the world you’re in.

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