Essential Hair Care Tips You Need To Know For The New Year

Need To Know Hair care Advice

The New Year usually brings a new found determination to be happier and healthier. Many of us will have indulged over the Christmas period and will often be out of sync with our normal routines. This includes caring for our hair. The influx of family and friends in your household may limit your time and shift your normal pattern of care. Or you may have been away from home and something as simple as not having your own room can prevent you from carrying out a thorough hair care routine. December and January also bring with it a drop in temperature which can also be hazardous to our delicate strands. Weather and environment play a large role in the health of our hair so check out our top tips for essential New Year hair care.

Wrap Up Without Matting Up

cold weather hair

The winter months are here and you’ll no doubt wrapping yourself up warm in a thick jumper or turtle neck. Trouble is, when we layer up (particularly around the neck area); we run the risk of causing the hair to matt. The nape of the neck is especially vulnerable which comes into direct contact with the material. The rubbing pushes the cuticle in the wrong direction and not only causes matting but breakage as well. When wearing thick jumpers or turtle necks, use a non-damaging hair band such as the Invisibobble to keep the hair away from this area.

Not All Change Is Good

If you’ve been given hair care products as Christmas presents then it can be tempting to change up your usual routine a little. However, the grass isn’t always greener and many gifted cosmetics contain sulphates and parabens. These ingredients are widely found in many hair care products but often cause damage to the hair cuticle. Where possible, always use professional products which don’t contain these harmful chemical compounds.

Treat Me Deep

hair treatment

You’ve no doubt been told to use a mask at least once a week on your hair. However, it isn’t something we always remember to do! It’s worth setting a day where you’ll know you’ll have a bit more time to do this. First, put on a hair mask. Do another task while your waiting for it to penetrate and wash and blow dry your hair. The intensity of a good hair mask will give your hair the strength to overcome breakage and grow.

Bye To The Bleach!

dark hair

If you have highlights or bleached hair, you may have considered going darker in the winter months. Not only does it make a nice change but it will give your hair a much needed rest. Although the introduction of products such as Olaplex have made the process gentler. Your hair will still benefit from having a respite for at least some of the year.

It’s Getting Hot In Here

We don’t often think about the temperature of the water when we need to wash our hair but it can have a significant effect on its health. Washing your hair with warm or hot water can strip it of moisture. It increases frizz and breakage. If your hair is dry or curly, you should opt for lukewarm or cold water if you can manage it.

No To Wash & Go

frizzy hair

If you’re hair is prone to breakage then leaving your hair to air dry after washing may seem like the most sensible option. In fact, using a hair dryer safely on a cool or medium heat is actually far safer. Your hair swells after coming into contact with moisture and this expanded state can lead to damage. Blow-drying will prevent prolonged swelling compared to air drying.

A good hair care routine is something everyone can adopt into their lifestyle and we hope that our top tips will help you to maintain your locks better.

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