Show Stopping Hairstyle Inspiration For 2018

New Year. New Hairstyle Inspiration

2018 is here and it’s time to get inspired! January is always a time of reflection and preparation for the year ahead. It’s also a chance to start a new chapter and overcome the challenges from the year before. You just never know who will give you that extra spark of creativity. I for one, have been keeping my eyes peeled for the movers and shakers in the industry that will set this new year alight. You will always draw hairstyle inspiration from those who are pushing up the bar to exceptional levels of awesome.

Sharon Blain

Sharon Blain is one of the most acclaimed hairdressers and educators in the world today. An Australian hairdressing legend, she has won numerous awards and accolades for her craft. She has worked with hairdressers from across the globe and runs workshops and seminars at her critically acclaimed boot camps.  She is simply a pleasure to watch and I can’t wait to pay homage to some of her work.

Sharon Blane

Hairstyles By Mehtap

If you love braiding hairstyles and big up-dos then hairstyles by Mehtap is one to watch. Her videos are fantastically educational and the end results are really do have that ‘wow’ factor built in. We’ll be creating some show stopping hairstyles that’ll make you look twice!

hairstyles by Methap

Russian Slavic Hair Extensions by Studio Seven50

Hair extensions of authentic Slavic origin is some of the most sought-after hair in the world. Studio Seven50 has been very busy travelling across these regions to collect the best this hair has to offer. Hair extensions can be an amazing addition to really set off a hairstyle. We can’t wait to see what this Slavic hair can do.

Russian Slavic hair Extensions

Ulyana Aster

If you are a bride or bridesmaid to be in 2018 then you’ll love Ulyana Aster for hairstyle inspiration. She has something for everyone including accessories, hair extensions, jewllery and education. We’ll be using her beautiful up-dos as inspiration for our hairstyles.

Ulyana Aster

Efi Davies

Artisitc Director Efi Davies, is an award-winning session stylist and hairdressing innovator. Her Instagram boasts some serious braiding inspiration and her use of pastel colour widens your eyes with awe. These bold, runway-ready hairstyles really get the creative juices flowing. We’ll be incorporating some of Efi’s distinctive style into our everyday.

efi davies

There’s a wealth of inspiration waiting for you. We look forward to sharing our new and exciting hairstyles with you this year!

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