Introducing The 2-in-1 Detangler & Head Lice Defence Spray

Unwanted Friends

nasty nits

Now that the new school year is well and truly under way, your little (or big) ones will be busy with their new timetables, new hobbies and new friendships. But for us parents, there is always the fear that a new school term means they might come back with more than just homework. It is estimated that one in ten children, will suffer from head lice at any one time. The majority of infestations occur in children between the ages of four and 16.

When a head lice is on the hair, it recognises the smell of that person’s head. On meeting another person’s hair it detects a new smell and wants to climb aboard that new territory and to spread. The head lice is the actual insect and the nit is the egg. When you use pesticides to kill head lice, it attacks the nervous system and the bug dies. The lice (or egg) however, hasn’t developed a nervous system yet and therefore isn’t affected until hatched.

Protection For The Whole Family

Sweetheats Head Lice Defence Spray

Our spray is based on our original SweetHearts Detangler scent but we’ve added natural oils that these insects hate such as fragonia, neem and tea tree oil. It is advisable to be used as a daily defence; designed to be used often on lice and nit-free hair. When your child or indeed an adult, meets an infected head; the repellent properties of our spray, act as a preventative measure for the head lice trying to climb aboard.

This daily use product can be used in generous amounts. It is also a detangler for styling the hair; which will give them the best chance of staying lice-free. So if your child does come into contact with an infested head, the strong head lice repellent will deter them from even thinking about spreading.

Best Practice For Lice-Free Hair

braided is best


In addition to using this spray, you can put in further deterrents for these critters such as having the hair braided back. Keep it very neat and comb through the hair carefully with a fine-toothed comb. It is also important to avoid them sharing items such as headbands, scarfs and hats.

Regular inspections are always a good idea, especially as not all children itch. If you suspect that your child does have head lice, there is a wide range of over-the-counter head lice pesticides available. This should be used immediately in conjunction with special combs.

Head Lice Myth-Busters

myth busters

  1. They Don’t Jump

They can only crawl so you do need to be very near to catch them. However, they can crawl incredibly fast. They also cannot hop, fly or swim.

  1. Children Don’t Always Itch

Not everyone who catches head lice will itch. It is important to use preventative measures as you will not always detect them through physical indications.

  1. Pesticides Do Not Affect The Head Lice When They Are Nits

The actual fully-formed head lice can be treated as they have a nervous system. The nits are just eggs so they can survive treatment.

  1. They Cannot Survive For Very Long Without A Host

It’s easy to go into panic mode when someone in the family is infected and disinfect the whole house. Without a meal, head lice will die within 24-48 hours.

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