The Best Sports Hairstyles To Last All Day

Work Out Like A Boss with Eltoria

Whether you work out at the gym, at a class or at home, how to wear your hair is often the last thought on your mind. Other than how to keep it out of the way of course! We all have our safe workout hairstyles that are quick and easy to do before we get all sweaty. However, when fashion, beauty and fitness Vlogger Eltoria came to visit us; we knew we could find some awesome sports styles to try out.

Eltoria is an award-winning Blogger with her beauty and fitness blog and YouTube channel. With Eltoria looking amazingly fit in her sport outfit; we decided to show how to do a couple of sports hairstyles that will stay in all day no matter what. These hairstyles will not only look good but also be practical for a vigorous gym session.

Pull Through Braid

Braid Eltoria


This pull through braid hairstyle is a great one if you aren’t confident about your braiding skills. It is also really functional for a workout session. If you’re in a rush you can do it a little bigger or looser. We did the braid a little tighter and neater in order to be really functional. We have also use a little dry wax spray to tidy up any flyaway hairs. You can also use a water or gel spray for this. This sports style is quick and easy to do yourself.

cross over braid

This is a fantastic take on the two dutch braids. This gym version ensures that the two plaits sit right at the back. The last thing you want is two long plaits getting in the way of your workout. Two dutch braids are better than one if you have shorter hair as it captures more of the sides without using any or much product.  So then it was off to the gym to really put these sports hairstyles to the test.

We had so much fun we might just go to the gum a bit more often! Check out Eltoria’s workout pictures and tutorial below. If in doubt that you might not be able to pull these off yourself. Check out the video we did for Eltoria’s YouTube channel where we teach her how to do a braid.


Eltoria in the gym


Eltoria Punch bag


Eltoria punch bag


Eltoria Gym


Check Out The Video!

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