The Best Back To School Hairstyles

Back To School Style

The most magical time of the year is almost upon us! No, we’re not talking about Christmas just yet. It’s almost time for the kids to go back to school. You’re back from your holidays, you’ve kept them entertained and they’re looking forward to their new school year. Well done, you’ve made it through! Once you’ve fitted them for their new uniforms and bought their new shoes, you may be thinking about some easy back to school hairstyles that are suitable enough to be done at home in the morning.

We know how stressful the adjustment can be when you have to get back into a routine again. Time really is of the essence and a new year can bring some new changes. Now that the kids are a little older,you may have another child who has started their first school year. They may even be going to different schools. This can leave you with even less time for fussing over their hair. To make mornings as seamless as possible, we’ve put together four of our favourite school hairstyles. Hopefully they’ll leave you with one less thing to worry about.

French Crown Braid by Katrina Deegan Hair

french crown braid

Photo Credit: Katrina Deegan Hair


This very easy crown braid is wonderfully quick and looks really smart for school. If you’ve mastered a french plait then this is a really fun style to do. The braid goes around the head and is simply taken over the top and pinned into place. This style should look great but also keep their hair out of the way for school.


Mermaid Braid With Ribbon by Brown Haired Bliss

mermaid braid with ribbon

Photo Credit: Brown Haired Bliss


This hairstyle is a variation of the mermaid braid which adds in a colourful ribbon. Ideal for colour coordinating with their school uniform! This style is great because it isn’t time-consuming. However, if you’re not familiar with how to do a mermaid braid. We suggest you practise the technique before attempting this on a busy school morning.


Braided Heart Hairstyle by Two Little Girls Hairstyles

Braided heart hairstyles

Photo Credit: Two Little Girls Hairstyles


For those of you with braiding abilities, this is an adorable back to school hairstyle. It looks more complicated than it actually is and can be dressed up with cute accessories at the back. This is a popular style with parents and children alike. Ideal for school, parties or indeed Valentines Day!


The Braided Bubble Ponytail by Sweethearts Hair

Bubble Braide ponytail

Photo Credit: Sweethearts Hair


This creative take on the common ponytail uses an easy three-strand braid. There are no expert braiding skills needed for this style. It is easy to learn and can be achieved in minutes. You can also use bows and accessories to colour coordinate with the colours in their uniform.

The week before school starts is an ideal time to refresh those hairstyling techniques if you haven’t already over the summer. It is important to have some key school hairstyles that you have mastered under your belt. It can not only save you time in the mornings but also get them off to a good start for the year. Their hair will stay put all day and be out of the way for their school activities. It will also no doubt give them a boost of confidence when their new class can’t get enough of their new hair!

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