Summer Unicorn Hair For The Kids In The Holidays

Summer Colour When School Is Out

The kids are off for the summer and they’re ready to shake off the school year. They want to play from morning until night and they want to let their hair down. The school holidays are a chance for them to feel a little more grown up. It’s fun to stay up a little bit later. They can pick out their clothes each day. They might even pack their own suitcase for a holiday. With the summer brings a little bit of freedom. The freedom to do things that wouldn’t be possible at school. Unicorn hair might seem a freedom too far but there’s no need to worry with a temporary hair colour.

Abby, aged seven and Baylee, aged four have been completely transformed with a little help from the fantastic Salon Shades. It’s easy to apply and washes out in up to 12 washes; just in time for the new school year in September. It works really well on lighter hair and  looks wonderfully vibrant. It can also be applied to darker hair, albeit with a slightly deeper tone.

Baylee With Her Unicorn Hair


Abby With Her Purple Hair


Hello Colour!

The girls were ecstatic with their brand new look! They were very happy to show off and shake their hair. Just as many of us do when we leave the hair salon with a daring new hairstyle. They also got to experience a full salon visit as many of us also do each month. Complete with all the preening and pampering a stylist can lavish over you.


salon shades

Photo Credit: Salon Shades


braided unicorn

Photo Credit: Sweethearts Hair


Add Some Extra Sparkle

The duration of the temporary colour is perfect if you wash their hair twice or more a week to allow the colour to gradually fade out to their natural colour again. You can even add some tattoos and hair glitter to really go that extra mile. These little additions look amazing with or without the unicorn hair. They add a bit of colour and sparkle without the need to visit a salon and will make your little ones feel special.

Unicorn hair

Photo Credit: Sweethearts Hair


Vibrant And Safe

Unicorn hair is such a sweeping trend now. Stylists everywhere across Instagram are showing off their colourful creations. It was a great feeling to be able to let them do something so grown up without the worry of any lasting effects. Easy to apply temporary solutions such as glitter and washout colour are both safe and effective. We certainly have the thumbs up from Abby and Baylee. Unicorn hair for the summer here we come!


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